Why Soul Seekers?

Soul Seekers believes that anyone who desires a spiritual life should have access to the practices and ideas associated with growing spiritually, regardless of your background or faith tradition.

Soul Seekers is neither owned or funded by a church or religious organisation.

Soul Seekers offers spiritually nourishing opportunities to grow your spiritual life through the Christian contemplative tradition.

Soul Seekers is rooted within the Christian tradition but is open to and respectful of the wisdom of other faiths and ways of being. Whatever your background, you’re welcome to join us!

All Welcome

With Soul Seekers, there are no strings attached and no expectation that you will become part of a church or religious organisation. You’re just free to explore. So, whether you are a spiritual seeker desiring an open and welcoming opportunity to discover for yourself, or a church person who would like to grow your faith from a contemplative perspective. You are simply welcome!

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

– Albert Einstein

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soul Seekers?

Soul Seekers is a spirituality consultancy which supports you in your spiritual life by offering short courses and spiritual direction within the Christian contemplative tradition.

What is contemplative spirituality?

It is a way of getting to know and experience God or Divine Reality through silence and reflection. Its purpose it to help us notice that all areas of life are sacred. It is thousands of years old and has expression in the majority of religions throughout the world.

If monasticism is for people who live in monasteries, how can it be helpful for me?

An increasing number of people throughout the world are finding that contemplative and monastic practices are helpful and can be incorporated into everyday life.

What is Spiritual Direction?

It is the ancient art of spiritual listening. The term spiritual direction is a very old one but it doesn’t really involve direction at all. Its really about directing your attention to God or Divine Reality. Your spiritual director supports you on your journey and helps you listen for and notice God or Divine Reality within your everyday life.

Who is St Benedict of Nursia?

He was a 6th century Christian monk and one of the first monks to open monasteries in the Western world. He wrote a little guide book to living in community called ‘The Rule of St Benedict” which is still used within many Christian monasteries today.

Is Soul Seekers part of a church?

No.  Although Soul Seekers has links with the Uniting Church, it is purposely structured independently, and is not owned or funded by a church or religious organisation.  

What is monasticism?

It is a form of contemplative spirituality traditionally practiced by monks and nuns who live in monasteries.

If I practice monasticism, will I end up living in a monastery?

Very unlikely! Most people who practice contemplative or monastic spirituality don’t live in monasteries but find the practices very adaptable and useful whatever their life circumstances.

What courses do you run?

Currently we are running Living-Inside-Out which is a seven-week  course introducing people to contemplative and monastic ideas and practices that can be helpful in everyday life. This course is based around the wisdom of St Benedict of Nursia. More courses will follow in time.

If I’m not going to live in a monastery, how does St Benedict’s guide book to community living help me?

Most of us live and work in communities of some sort, whether it is our family, our work or social communities. The Rule of St Benedict has some useful ideas to help us indivually grow a deep spiritual life and help us in our relationships with each other.

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