Short Courses

Soul Seekers offers short-courses aimed at supporting you to develop a deep spiritual life through time-honored practices and ideas based around silence, meditation and reflection.

Soul Seekers courses support you to incorporate Christian contemplative practices and ideas into your everyday life to help you grow in relationship with God, and live a deeper, more fulfilling life.

Soul Seekers courses combine the wisdom of ancient and contemporary contemplative teachers with a twist of modern psychology.

Soul Seekers courses are an open and welcoming environment to explore your spirituality, ask the tricky questions and be honest about who you are and how you wish to grow spiritually.

Currently Soul Seekers offers two spirituality courses:

How to Grow Your Spiritual Life and Why Bother

Living Inside-Out

A 6-week Introductory Course for the Church Wary and the religiously ‘over it’

What You’ll Learn

How to Grow Your Spiritual Life and Why Bother asks questions and introduces a number of practices and spiritual concepts including:

  • Why bother with a spiritual life?
  • Religion & Spirituality – what’s worth keeping?
  • Silence, Solitude & the role of spiritual practice
  • Self-knowledge – the importance of knowing our hearts
  • Spiritual Community – what’s helpful, what’s not and where do we go to find it?
  • Putting it all together – consolidating and growing our own regular practice

For more information about location, dates and cost, please download our brochure: *PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FEB 2024 COURSE HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES.  APOLOGIES FOR THE INCONVENIENCE*

Living Inside-Out

Living Inside-Out

Living Inside-Out  is a more-in depth 7-week course with St Benedict of Nursia, regarded as ‘the Father of Western Monasticism’ as our primary guide. Using practices and ideas once only associated with monasteries, Living Inside-Out will help us to spiritually enrich our daily lives. Living Inside-Out enables us to discover and experience God for ourselves, find meaning and fulfilment within everyday life and learn how to make a positive difference in the world around us.

What You’ll Learn

Living Inside-Out gives us deeper knowledge into:

  • The importance of Silence and Solitude.
  • Sacred Pauses and how they can help us grow spiritually.
  • Lectio Divina – the sacred meditative reading of scripture and other spiritual materials.
  • Contemplative Prayer – the prayer of Silence.
  • Spiritual Direction – journeying with a spiritual companion.
  • Radical self-honesty – compassionately noticing and welcoming who we are.
  • Growing Community – as institutional church declines how do we nurture our need for spiritual community?

If you’d like to explore running a course in a venue close to you, please get in touch.

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