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About Us

Soul Seekers is a spirituality consultancy offering
short-courses and spiritual direction to anyone who feels drawn to the Christian contemplative tradition.

Why Soul Seekers?

Soul Seekers believes that anyone who desires a spiritual life should have access to the practices and ideas associated with growing spiritually, regardless of your background or faith tradition.

Spiritual direction

Spiritual direction is the ancient art of listening to and accompanying people on their spiritual journey, but the only direction involved is really to direct your attention to God! Its purpose is to support you to grow into deeper awareness of Divine Reality within the everyday, helping you notice the sacredness of all aspects of life.

What’s On?

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Short Courses

Soul Seekers offers short-courses from the Christian contemplative tradition aimed at supporting you develop a deep spiritual life through time-honored practices and ideas based around silence, meditation and reflection.

Contemplative Spirituality

Contemplative spirituality is a way of growing our spiritual lives through incorporating silence and reflective practices into our lives.  It is the spirituality of monasteries and is often associated with the meditative practices and ideas of Eastern religions such as Buddhism, Sufism and Hinduism. But increasingly the Western world is discovering that Christianity has its very own ancient contemplative tradition which has been enriching the everyday lives of people for thousands of years.

Soul Seekers hopes you will discover the hidden treasure of this time-honoured Christian tradition to help you engage more deeply with the mystery we sometimes call God.

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