Contemplative Spirituality

 The Christian contemplative tradition has a wealth of spiritual knowledge and experience spanning over two thousand years!

Contemplative spirituality is a way of growing spiritually through silence and reflective practices.  it is usually associated with monasteries, but increasingly ordinary folk are finding its wisdom compatible with everyday life, honing our awareness and experience of God within the ordinary circumstances of life.  

Within Christianity there have been many over the centuries drawn to this way of life and often it is their voices that bring words of love and wisdom when religion seems to have forgotten the love and compassion for which it should stand.  From Jesus himself to St Anthony of the Desert, St Francis of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, Ignatius of Loyola to name but a few.



Soul Seekers takes its primary inspiration from the 6th century monk St Benedict of Nursia who made monasticism popular in the Western world, and wrote a little guide book to spiritual living known as The Rule of St Benedict. This tiny book is still the primary source of spiritual wisdom in many Christian monasteries today.  But over recent decades more and more ordinary people who don’t live in monasteries are incorporating its wisdom and practices into their lives to deepen their relationship with God, and their experience of everyday life.

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