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What is Soul Seekers?

Soul Seekers is a spirituality consultancy offering short-courses and
spiritual direction within the
Christian contemplative tradition.

The contemplative tradition, which is the spirituality of monasteries, has been part of the world’s faith traditions for thousands of years.  It might seem strange to think that monasteries could have something to teach us but increasing numbers of people are finding the spiritual benefits of adapting contemplative practices and ideas into their everyday lives. Through this rich tradition our awareness and experience of Divine Reality can be enhanced, our relationships improved and our lives deepened as we engage with others and our world in a more positive way.

Soul Seekers hopes to encourage this ancient spirituality by providing short-courses where you can learn, amongst other things, the value of intentional silence, meditation and reflective practices.

Soul Seekers also provides companionship for the journey through spiritual direction, the ancient art of spiritual listening which encourages and supports you as you listen and respond to Divine Reality and the spiritual promptings of your Soul.

“What the world needs is better religion, new forms of old faiths, religion reborn on the basis of deep spiritual connection – these things need to be explored instead of ditching religion completely. We need religion imbued with the spirit of shared humanity and hope, not religions that divide and further fracture the future.”

– Diana Butler Bass, Christianity After Religion

Hello and welcome to Soul Seekers!

I discovered contemplative spirituality over 15 years ago now, and it has changed my life! I started Soul Seekers because it is my belief that there are others who would enjoy exploring their spirituality through the Christian contemplative tradition.  It is my hope that through Soul Seekers, I can offer you some of what I have discovered over the years to be so valuable.

These days there are many who are uncomfortable with institutional religion but desire a deep spiritual life without the expectation that they will go to church.  There are others who are part of the institutional Church who simply wish to grow their faith from a contemplative perspective. You are equally welcome!  Soul Seekers is your opportunity to learn some practices and ideas from the Christian contemplative tradition in an environment where there are no strings attached.  I hope you enjoy it!

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Mandy Harvey

Founder, Soul Seekers

Mandy is an ordained Deacon  within the Uniting Church, a qualified spiritual director, and a spiritual care chaplain within a South Australian hospital.  

She holds a BA (Hons) Humanities Degree in Music and Religious Studies from the UK, a Graduate Certificate in Ministry from the Adelaide College of Divinity, a Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction from Tabor College, and a Masters in Theological Studies from Flinders University.

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